Angel Light Therapies

In Presence of Angels

By Verlyn Cutler McGilvray


I have noticed that the accelerated energy we are experiencing on the planet is bringing us many opportunities in the form of challenges. Hold on, this is just the beginning. Personal change is required of us all and there is no end in sight! As angels guide humanity, we each need to align ourselves as strongly as possible with our heavenly mentors. Our angels have a ‘lofty’ perspective that can orient our path even though we may feel ourselves to be trudging through the mire. We can attune ourselves to the energy of our angelic companions in order to heed their messages. This is our journey, but it is a work in progress. We aspire to be partners with our divine best friends and this leads us to raising our consciousness through this aspiration. In effect, we strive to meet our angels through our own efforts.

Take, for example, my own quest for angelic connection. As I became more aware of angels and the part they play in my evolution, my heart opened wider to them. As I thought, read and talked about angels my yearning for connection grew. I became motivated to do ‘whatever’ it took to have a personal relationship with my guardian. This part of my process took a year and a half. There were times when I hit blocks and felt frustrated, but I continued moving forward as my desire was stronger than my angst. I was also encouraged because I felt a growing change in myself. I couldn’t sense my angel yet, but there were positive changes occurring that I couldn’t deny, so I knew the path I was on was correct. Nothing happened overnight, but just trying and seeing the good in that effort satisfied me over the months. And then, in a very quiet and calm way, my angel made herself known to me. It was unexpected and unanticipated, but joyously received. I realized I had pierced the veil of illusion: the doubt, fear and ignorance that my life had been previously based on.

As I look back now I realize this ‘process’ had been going on for years. It included all the ways I had ever bettered myself; every time I changed negative behaviors, broke unhealthy patterns and won through to more self-love and feelings of worth. It came from physical lifestyle shifts, emotional and mental changes and spiritual disciplines. As I worked on making myself a healthier, more loving person I opened the door to increased consciousness and this allowed me the sensitivity I needed to see my angel.

Claiming your belief in angelic intervention goes a long way in softening the lessons of life you may be experiencing. Exploring yourself against the backdrop of a spiritual discipline allows the treasure of your being to rise up, be recognized and gain strength. Whether you feel drawn to meditation, prayer, dance, Reiki, essential oils etc. let the system strengthen your spirit and your connection to your angel. Specifically ask your angel to communicate with you through the things you are already attracted to. For example: meditate upon your angel, pray to your angel, dance for your angel, allow the healing light of your angel to course through you, let the increased vibration created by essential oils open your being to your angel.

Create a consistent, committed process in your life to invite your angelic guardian into the deepest parts of your heart. Be patient; watch for the small and growing changes in yourself. Remain persistent in continuing on through the emotional upheavals that can blow us off track. Through regular practice you create a personal purification that leads to the ability to align yourself with higher energies and receive real affirmation of your connection to divine beings.


Verlyn Cutler McGilvray, M.Ed. is an intuitive healer and teacher. For a personal session connecting with your angel, metaphysical healing classes or Reiki training call her at (775) 831-1750

Copyright 2005 Verlyn Cutler McGilvray