Angel Light Therapies

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Angelic Guidance –

After explaining some background on Angels and their mission with us, Verlyn will share a vision of your Guardian Angel, their name and any messages they have for you. You may ask any questions you like or focus upon a particular portion of your life. You may also wish to simply allow your Guardian Angel to guide the session. An important aspect of your time will be directed toward how you may more strongly connect to your personal angel on your own. This experience is life changing and offers unique insight into the condition of your life from an angelic perspective.

A session with Verlyn, whether in person or over the phone, is always individual and based upon your particular needs and desires. Each session is confidential. You are provided with a recording of the session. Expect your session to last an hour and a half to two hours.

The following are the components available which may be used in many variations to serve your highest good:

Reiki –
A hands on or long distance technique, this exceptional energy therapy is used to calm, balance and uplift your body and spirit throughout the session and beyond. Through Reiki, universal energy is channeled by Verlyn, allowing you to receive divine energy for healing and wholeness. This soothing, healing energy works on sources of blockage to create balance in the individual.

Crystals –
Verlyn’s work is done within a crystalline field (whether hands on or long distance) as a way to uplift and strengthen the session. Various crystals are used to create an environment that fortifies, balances and purifies the client gently.

Essential Oil Applications –
During hands on sessions 100% pure essential oils are used to help align, speed healing, and facilitate release. Oil usage is based upon client need that is assessed intuitively. Oils are generally applied to your feet during a short massage to help balance and assess your system, in your aura and on location as needed. The use and purpose is explained as well as a little background on essential oils themselves. Verlyn is trained in the use of essential oils through Young Living Essential Oils as well as through personal study, reading and years of professional experience. She also offers these specific modalities to enhance client comfort and growth:

Raindrop Therapy-
A treatment where nine specific essential oils are dropped along the spine and worked gently into the body using various massage and compressing techniques. The deep dispersement of powerful essential oils helps to facilitate the release of viruses, correct body alignment and clear energy centers.

Emotional Release –
A specific application of twelve oil blends on body sites combined with meditation to facilitate therapeutic emotional release gently and easily.

Ancient Oils –
The intuitive use of twelve essential oils identified in the bible. The application of these holy oils in a reverent manner supports a greater connection to your source.

Verlyn Cutler McGilvray is available for treatments and sessions personally or over the phone. These life changing sessions are $155.00. Please contact her at (775) 831-1750 to make an appointment.

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