Angel Light Therapies

Verlyn Cutler McGilvray, M.Ed.


Verlyn Cutler McGilvray is a dynamic and loving facilitator of the Divine in life. One of her greatest joys is assisting others in finding their own strength and awareness. She is committed to prospering the light of Spirit in all aspects of life.

A passionate seeker, Verlyn aligns herself with a personal vision of service to humankind through her teaching, healing and clairvoyant talents. She is devoted to facilitating the highest good for her clients. Verlyn lives and works in the beauty of Lake Tahoe in Incline Village, Nevada where she teaches, leads workshops and gives private sessions in person or over the phone.

An exceptional, credentialed teacher since 1980 at the elementary, college and adult levels, Verlyn also holds a Master’s degree in education. She has experienced the value of knowledge supporting life change and direction. This information can then be integrated into personal wisdom. Working intimately with large numbers of people over the years has allowed Verlyn the opportunity to solidify her natural teaching talents into a dynamic style that supports and facilitates personal growth.

Being a student of intensive psychic training for over seven years allowed Verlyn the wonderful chance to see and participate in the energetic field of everyday experience. Learning to apply this perception forever changed Verlyn’s way of looking at life. She happily shares this passion currently through her work as a vital aspect of reality.

Verlyn blended her teaching and psychic experience with her ability to perceive angelic presence in 1996 to create private sessions based upon angelic guidance. It is her honor and blessing to engage with guardian angels to create a bridge for others to their cosmic mentors.

As a Reiki Master Teacher Verlyn lives in a sensitive field of awareness which enables her to attune herself with the energies of others, allow healing energies to flow through her into another and teach others to do this for themselves.

In addition, Verlyn is a trained aromatherapist using the highest grade essential oils as tools that create the energetic frequencies needed to support life, revelations and personal breakthroughs.

Verlyn has seen tremendous benefit from her work in
assisting others on an individual and group basis. Clients and students alike value Verlyn for her generous spirit, enthusiasm and strong leadership. It is the joy of her life to offer herself and her abilities to others for their growth and advancement.

Copyright 2005 Verlyn Cutler McGilvray