Angel Light Therapies


Verlyn blends strong teaching talents with her passion for the metaphysical path. She believes knowledge to be power, but knows that it must be coupled with experience in order to create the wisdom to live it. With this in mind, her classes are clear and specific, focusing on the necessary requirements for understanding and integration. Expect handouts and a comfortable, casual environment offering you the opportunity to play with vital, new information and make it your own! Class time periods range from one night to eight week formats.


Call or email for current schedules, to register or to book a private class.


Partial class list:

  • Reiki Training – Levels I, II & III
  • Forgiveness
  • Essential Oils / Aromatherapy
  • In the Presence of Angels
  • Lunar Cycles
  • Yearly Cycle
  • Creative Visualization – Living as Co-Creator
  • Chakras
  • Auras
  • Crystals and Gem Stones
  • Psychic Training
  • Reiki Circle
  • Daily Review – Cleansing Karma
  • Teaching the Information You Love
  • Past Lives
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