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A Blissful treat for your heart and soul

Describing Verlyn's touch is challenging because words are simply inadequate in conveying the joyful language of the heart. With her loving blend of wisdom, inner strength, sweet gentleness and total reverance she weaves and creates a beautiful and profound sacred space for healing and inner sanctuary. On Verlyn's table, I feel bathed in the most pure divine light, resulting in deep and lasting shifts throughout my entire being. A session with Verlyn helps support me in stripping away the veils of all that separates me from myself, from others and from a higher power. Be prepared for an extraordinarily blissful treat for your heart and soul!

Richard L.

Benefited tremendously .....

"Have you ever imagined the sense of peace and refinement you would feel in heaven?  Time in session with Verlyn has that same quality to me . . .
Expansion and clarity – two of the profound blessings she provides – in a warm and nurturing environment.  Verlyn has the extraordinary ability to communicate divine guidance in such a way that as the words are being spoken, one can also feel the deep healing that is occurring.  Hand-in-hand with the inspiration, one becomes elevated and better equipped to dance with life.  In the two sessions I have experienced, I have benefited tremendously and am grateful that she offers this work with such purity and compassion.”


My life changed that day .....

When I met Verlyn I felt as if I had stepped into the light of a angel. We met outside a bookstore . I was having a asthma attack. Verlyn told me if I could make it inside to the store she would give me Reiki before the class we were taking started. The healing she gave me stopped the attack. From that day I have experienced her ability to teach and heal in so many ways. My life changed that day. . .

Verlyn continually intuits any problems I have and gives me a clear picture of how I can heal them. Verlyn is always a inspiration for living a spiritual life and dedicating all that she is for the growth of all things great and small.

She continues to teach me and share with me all that she learns. Verlyn is not only a teacher and healer she is a friend.

VS- Palm Springs


A few years ago Verlyn was referred to me for massage therapy.
Hearing what Verlyn did for a living I was surprised that this client
that referred me thought we would be a good match since I generally was
not so attracted to some of the more alternative and unusual practices.
I kind of prided myself as being a more nuts and bolts therapeutic
massage therapist. After meeting Verlyn just one time I fell in love and
soon made an appointment to see exactly what she did and was blown away.
Since then I have changed many things about how I practice because of
what I have learned from Verlyn. I have taken Reiki classes, an
essential oil class, and now intuitive healing classes from Verlyn who
is a truly gifted teacher. She not only is a client but also has become
a very dear friend .What I so appreciate about Verlyn is her non
judgment of people and how loving and authentic she is. She lives her
life beautifully and it is an example to many.
Kristine DeBerg LMT


Whenever I first met Verlyn I recall a feeling of joy coming over me and the knowing that I am to learn a great deal from this beautiful woman.
After becoming attuned Reiki 1 and 2 with Verlyn and taking her essential oils class I knew that a life like she has created was one that I too desire.
Meeting her and learning from her has awakened my consciousness to the greatness of the universe. I am now taking an Intuitive class with her and it is the most wonderful and exciting part of my world right now. I am seeing the connection to every thing great and small. I find myself noticing synchronicity in everything. It is truly amazing! Our community is blessed to have Verlyn here to share ways into living a divinely guided and enlightened life. I am truly grateful for you Verlyn! Thank you for opening my world up and sharing with me the tools to communicate with my angels and guides so that I may live my life to the highest good for all.

Kings Beach


Verlyn did my first session for me 10 years ago. It was so amazingly insightful and accurate that I continue to see her regularly. I have been studying with Verlyn for the past 8 years. She has a magical way of teaching the variety of different courses that she offers. She is so fully present and gives herself and wisdom unselfishly to any who seek her out as their teacher.  Verlyn has taught me to trust the messages that I am receiving from my Angels. I love to treat myself a few times a year, especially on my birthday, to Verlyn’s raindrop series. It is a perfect way to pamper ME and check in with my Angels to be sure that I am following my Divine path. I believe so deeply in her abilities and her work that I refer all my family and friends seeking answers to their spiritual truth or just struggling with life's challenges. As well as those who are looking for the nurturing touch of her Reiki and raindrops.
Cindy Hartzell Animal Intuitive, Equine Assisted Life Coach


I have had many sessions with Verlyn over the last few years and I have enjoyed each one and I have grown from each one. I always look forward to a future session. Verlyn brings a rare combination of spirituality, genuine kindness, great wisdom, and integrity to each session. I have experienced physical healing, emotional healing, breakthrough understanding, and perhaps most importantly, a connection to angelic guidance. To begin understanding what we are here to do and to begin aligning ourselves with our angels is deeply satisfying.  I have grown as a person since I first met with Verlyn and I give her much credit for that. Her compassionate teaching style allows you to learn and grow from each session.  I feel very fortunate to know her both as a healer and teacher as well as a friend.



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